Advantages of Using Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are pretty useful when it comes to increase your browser functionality and performance. Since these extensions have been developed by Google to make your work life easier, so make best use of them to improve your business and personal tasks. Here are some great benefits of downloading Chrome Extensions:

Chrome Extensions help you in marketing

Strong marketing is an imperative part of business. Every business wants to make profits and great marketing helps your business attract more customers and enjoy more profits of course. When we have these great Google’s extensions, why should we work hard manually? When a simple extension can do a great marketing for your business, why not utilizing that? You can collect the contact details of your potential leads and can market your business effectively. Make good use of these extensions whenever and wherever you need them.

Chrome Extensions help you become a good project manager

Dealing with any business project requires great skills to manage each activity of the project on time with minimum resources and great management skills. By utilizing these light weight Chrome extensions, you can collaborate smartly with your project team and can monitor their activities and the progress of the project. You can take help of many extensions to plan and manage your project tasks more smartly and efficiently to give better performance and reduce the organizational costs. You can view the tasks in a calendar format also to get daily reminders to meet your day to day deadlines effectively. You can also arrange chat sessions with your team to discuss over a certain task to manage the project from start to end.

Chrome Extensions helps you become more organized

If you disorganized at your workplace, it can give you a hard time. But if you learn few smart organizational skills, that can reduce your organizational stress. If you have lost a document on which you have worked on three years back and you hover through all your folders to locate that file, better utilize Chrome extensions to help you organize your files work efficiently. Don’t waste your time anymore and find ways to do your job better by taking great help from a calendar extension which could be your big time-saver.

Chrome Extensions can do wonders to your workplace

When we look at the workplaces, they are evolving every day. The traditional ways of doing work in offices are getting outdated now and new, faster and efficient ways have taken their place. Today everyone has their Email IDs are synchronized with our mobile devices. If your devices are also synched with these great Chrome’s extensions, you can gain an extra advantage to access all the data which you have just saved in office computer or laptop in a second’s time. These extensions do wonders.

How to Use Chrome Extension Downloader

Using Chrome Extension Downloader is a matter of few click. Unlike most downloaders that you find around, this CRX Downloader does not make you toil. It also does not annoy you with long processes that would waste your time.

Using this tool is so easy that even a kid can operate it. So it you are familiar with Chrome Extension Downloaders there is no need to worry. You will be able to use this tool instantly.

Here is a step by step guide that will help you learn and start using CRX downloader within seconds:

  1. Enter Chrome Extension's webstore link in address bar on the site.
  2. Click Download button.
  3. That is all. The CRX file will be downloaded into your system.

Now you can rename the .crx file to .zip and open it with any zip opener software such as WinRAR and learn what is in it for you.

Why Chrome Extension Downloader?

While there are many tools around that you can use to download Chrome Extensions, this CRX Downloader is one of a kind. From its effortless downloading to its ease of use, there is more than a single reason why you should choose it.

Here are few reasons that makes Chrome Extension Downloader a must have tool for anyone who want to add value to their browser:

Latest Technology

Chrome Extension Downloader is designed using the latest technology. The software is free from all types of bugs and allows you to ensure smooth experience when you download any extension. Though it uses the latest technology it does not have any complexities.

Easy to Use

Another great thing about Chrome Extension Downloader is that it has very user-friendly interface. It allows you to make the most of downloading with least effort. You do not have to learn how to use this tool since it all about making few clicks. To download any extension you simply have to paste the link and hit the download button. That is all that you need to do to use this downloader. Thanks to its clean interface that makes it so easy to use.

Superfast Tool

Time is no less than money and when it comes to professionals, time is even more precious. If a tool would take ages to work, it would certainly waste much time. Chrome Extension Downloader is not such an annoying resource. It helps you download your desired extension within seconds. This way you can download as many extensions as you want without waiting for long. So Chrome Extension Downloader allows you to save your time due to its speediness. Compared to other online downloaders, this CRX downloader helps you be more efficient at work.


Security is something that you cannot ignore in the online world. Once you use this tool you will be able to remain safe from all sorts of threats that are there on the Internet including malware, spyware, viruses etc. So you can continue to enjoy browsing in a secure and safe environment which is imperative for working online.

Free of Cost

A free tool that offers so many features is something rare. Chrome Extension Downloader is a unique online utility that is loaded with features to help you download any extension without spending any money. So you get to save plenty of bucks as you don’t have to get separate tools to have all these added functionalities while browsing.